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Welcome to EvonyAge2help.com

A fansite dedicated to helping players of the free browser game, Evony. We strive to bring information needed by both beginner and advanced players.

What Can I Do Here?

Beginners can get a quick overview of the items, buildings and hero's and what each of them do, as well as develop a strategy to get them going in the right direction from day one.

More advanced players can gain some advantage from the tips & tricks and strategy section, and can ask questions, discuss the game, and offer guidance in our forum.

We also have a complete guide to the medals. What they are used for and where to find them.

Farming Level 10 NPC's for Medals and Resources

Attack 5 times in quick succession.

Attack Wave 1: Use 92,000 Archers, 4,000 Warriors, 1,500 Swords, 1,500 Pikes, and 1000 Scouts.

The first attack will be the breaker and should use a level 90+ hero with 200+ attack.

Attack Wave 2: 25,000 to 50,000 warriors. This wave will clear out remaining defenders.

Attack waves 3 through 5: 10,000 to 20,000 warriors.

Transports can be added to attacks 2 though 5 for plundering resources.

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Scout Bombs

Attacking with scouts allows you to bypass all wall defenses and damage the highest combined attack units in the city.

100k archers are equivalent to 35k ballista or 25k catapults.

To calculate the number of ballista you can safely keep in a city, multiply your number of archers by .35 ( .25 for catapults ) then subtract 1.

Example: if you have 160k archers in your city, you need to have fewer than 56k ballista ( .35 x 160,000 ) to keep them safe from scout bombs.

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